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Fecha : Ene 02, 2019

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we’d ask our multinational team of teachers about Christmas at home and in Spain. Here are some of their answers:

Jesse Sweed

Where are you from? Pennsylvania, USA.
What’s your favorite Christmas tradition from your home country? Secret Santa at work or family gathering.
What is different about Christmas in Spain? 3 Kings (Santa Claus isn’t a big deal)

Samantha D

Where are you from? Atlanta, Georgia
What’s your favorite Christmas tradition from your home country? My family isn’t very big on Christmas.
What is different about Christmas in Spain?  It lasts longer (3 to 4 weeks of parties and gatherings).

Jonathan Liggatt

Where are you from? England
Favorite Christmas tradition from your country? Christmas turkey with Yorkshire puddings. A Yorkshire pudding is like a crispy inflatable dumpling that you pour gravy on. Sounds disgusting but is actually delicious!
What’s different about Christmas in Spain? Los tres Reyes Magos being on the sixth of January. Have to wait so long for presents!

Terry Lodge:

Hi, I´m Terry and I´m from a small town near London, England.
My favorite Christmas tradition from The U.K is definitely traditional «Christmas pudding»
It has lots of dried fruits and should be made 1 month before Christmas to get the full flavour.
If you find the coin inside your piece, it means you will have a lucky year!
I really enjoy Reyes in Spain as it means most people get an extra long holiday! In England, school and work start on 2nd January.

Christina Guerin

Where are you from? Memphis, Tennessee
Favorite Christmas tradition? My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. Usually all of my siblings come to my parents’ house and we listen to Christmas music (A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Giuraldi). It doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is up and decorated.
What’s different about Christmas in Spain? In Spain, one difference that really strikes me is that people eat seafood for Nochebuena, which would be an unusual choice in my part of the US. Another difference is that all the gifts are given on a separate day from Christmas, so the Christmas season actually ends later here.


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